2020 RCSWD Materials Disposal Data Trends

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Rutland County Solid Waste District is a union municipal district that was formed in 1979 to promote the proper management of solid waste within the towns of Rutland County. We educate and strive to reduce waste in a sustainable and economical matter by giving our residents and businesses the option of recycling electronic waste, food scrap collection and much more.

The Rutland County Solid Waste District provides waste disposal services to its 17 member communities with a population of 47,279 residents. We help with the tracking and reporting of disposal data, certification/permitting of solid waste facilities, and helping Town Transfer Stations stay in compliance by conducting quarterly in-district courtesy Transfer Station inspections. Just as a Supervisory Union ensures that each school is in compliance with state and local regulations, we do the same for our member-towns’ transfer stations, haulers and businesses.

We also do Hazardous Waste Rover runs several times a year to each of our member towns, check out our schedule to see when we are coming this year as well as a permanent HHW Depot that is open 6 days a week by appointment. Beyond that, we provide resources and technical assistance to ensure that everyone has access to necessary solid waste management options.