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These are banned from landfill disposal in Vermont: Bring all electronics/appliances to the household recycling center at the Gleason Road Transfer Station, or to town transfer stations with participating programs.

Make sure to donate functioning items for reuse to benefit the local community!

3 Categories of Appliances:

1. Electronic-waste: Free drop-off for TV's, computers and peripherals (keyboard, mouse, cables, etc.) and desktop printers through the VT E-Cycles Program. Other electronics will be charged nominal fee- this includes vacuum cleaners, stereo systems and speakers, DVD/VHS players and other wires/cables.

2. Freon-containing devices: (dehumidifiers, A/C units and refrigerator/freezers)- notify an attendant to drop-off in the designated area. 

3. Scrap Metal: Other items that are 80% or more metal can be dropped off for free in scrap metal- this may include microwaves, toasters and large appliances/white goods

Batteries, cell phones, and fluorescent bulbs are Hazardous Waste, and must be dropped off at designated locations such as our Hazardous Waste Depot.

small appliances

Worried about data safety?

The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation says the following about data safety:
Are you worried about leaving data on your computer when recycling it? It’s up to you to remove any sensitive data from your computer before taking it to an E-Cycles collection location.
  • If you would like to purchase data security services from an E-Cycles site, take a look at the list of data security providers around the state.  
  • If you’d like to do it yourself, there are two basic ways to destroy your data: physically break the hard drive disks, or permanently erase it using disk wiping software. Do a web search for “how to permanently erase a hard drive” or visit this article to find out more. 
For more details about E-Waste recycling from VT DEC, click here