RFP- Transfer Station Excavation Project

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The Rutland County Solid Waste District is requesting contract bids related to proposed wetland remediation work at the District’s Transfer Station at 14 Gleason Road in Rutland. The project requires the removal of fill material that was placed in a wetland and buffer area. The selected contractor shall remove the material (including previously cut trees) as indicated on the plan, regrade and stabilize the areas, dig holes for tree and shrub plantings and establish vegetation on all bare areas. The removed material can be disposed of at the Transfer Station and the District will hire the landscaper for plantings directly and outside of the contractor’s scope of work.

Attached is a set of plans for the project. The project required a wetland permit, and that permit is attached. The selected contractor shall adhere to all conditions associated with the permit as it pertains to their scope of work. All questions related to the project shall be directed to the project’s engineer Craig Jewett, from Otter Creek Engineering. Once a contractor is selected, a preconstruction meeting will be held onsite, prior to construction, to review the project further.

The District deadline for receiving bids on this project is June 25, 2020 at 2:00pm. Insurance coverage for the project includes:
Employer’s Liability:
-Bodily injury, each accident: $1,000,000
-Bodily injury by disease, each: employee $1,000,000
-Bodily injury/disease aggregate: $1,000,000
Contractor’s Commercial General Liability
General Aggregate: $1,000,000
Products – Completed Operations Aggregate: $500,000
Personal and Advertising Injury: $500,000
Price will be based on 1 lump sum price for all work. The owner expects the work to be sustainably complete (ready for plantings) within 1 week of the authorization to proceed.

Bids for this work are due June 25, 2020 at 2:00pm and should be submitted directly to the District’s mailing address: 2 Greens Hill Lane – Rutland VT 05701, attention Mark S. Shea, District Manager, or to Mr. Shea’s email address mshea@rcswd.com with “RCSWD Transfer Station Excavation Project” in the memo field.

Additional documents for review:

Site Plan
Wetland Permit