Castleton’s Share in RCSWD

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We aren’t a publicly traded corporation, but we do strive to make a profit so we can improve our services to better support our members. With every investment and capital gain we make, your town’s “share” in our assets increases.

The chart below shows that Castleton’s proportional share in our expenses and income results in a net gain over the past two years. This will allow us to invest in better equipment, such as an excavator and an online permitting system, and return money to our members as we did this year.

Castleton's proportional share of RCSWD revenues and expenses

How does the District operate?

As you can guess by our name, we are a union municipal district (similar to a school district) that provides administrative, planning and auxiliary services for our members. Just as a Supervisory Union ensures that each school is in compliance with state and local regulations, we do the same for our member-towns’ transfer stations, haulers and businesses. Beyond that, we provide resources and technical assistance to ensure that everyone has access to necessary solid waste management options.

Castleton’s Success in the District

Castleton has cleaned up and streamlined the transfer station immensely in the past ten months. Much credit goes to Chris, the transfer station operator and Mike, the Town Manager. They are looking into the possibility of operating a certified compost facility nearby to save the town money and create a valuable soil product. The RCSWD fully supports this project.

Additionally, we help with the tracking and reporting of disposal data, certification/permitting of solid waste facilities and outreach to businesses (the Iron Lantern, among others), schools (Castleton University, Castleton Elementary and Village Schools) and residents. Stay tuned for our compost workshop in the Spring!

Are you getting the full value out of being part of the Rutland County Solid Waste District? Let us know if there’s anything that we can assist with from waste disposal and diversion to attending meetings and presenting on options to save money and help the environment!

Call (802) 775-7209, follow us on social media, and visit our transfer station, 14 Gleason Road, or office, 1 Smith Rd in Rutland.