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Trash burning is illegal in Vermont, yet many still do it. Today’s trash contains plastics, metals and other synthetic materials, which emit toxic fumes and harmful quantities of dioxins when burned. Find Out More Here.
Dioxins are a group of highly toxic chemicals known to cause cancer, and other illnesses. It’s not just one individual’s health and property that are affected by burning trash; we all are affected. Vermont’s Agency of Natural Resources (ANR) has launched a public education effort called, “Don’t Burn Vermont,” to educate Vermonters about the effects of trash burning.

To report illegal burning of trash, call your district Environmental Enforcement Officer in the Agency of Natural Resources.

Illegal Burning

Don't Burn VT!

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Visit our household recycling center at the Gleason Road Transfer Station. Across from the daily recyclables and trash, there is a trailer labeled "Books." Drop off any of your legible (in decent condition) hardback and softcover books. They will be sent to a place in Burlington that will resell the books.



The Council for Textile Recycling has information on the national crisis of textiles entering our landfills. These numbers are astonishing (such as 5% of landfill space is taken up by textiles), and reducing the amount that is produced is a must. Try shopping at thrift stores and yard sales first, and make sure to donate or recycle your clothing

Find locations where you can drop off textiles for donation. Additionally, you can donate to any place on the list of donation stores



All types of unused prescription drugs must NOT be thrown in the trash or down the drain or toilet.

Improper handling of prescription medications will lead to unwanted environmental degradation, as well as putting yourself and others in danger of theft and drug abuse. Prescription drug takeback events are held at least twice a year, so look out for those in the news. If there is no upcoming event, the following procedures must be taken to dispose of prescription drugs:

Prescription Drugs

Unused, unwanted or expired

  • Pills and liquids: In Rutland, there are several options for disposal of medications. The Rutland County Sheriff's Department, Rutland Regional Medical Center, Rutland Pharmacy and Wilcox Pharmacy. You can also request a confidential, postage-paid mail-back pouch for small amounts of medications.  Find all these resources on the VT Department of Health Website.
  • Empty Needles/Syringes: Contain the needles in a sturdy plastic container such as a laundry detergent bottle. Tape the container shut, and label it "DO NOT RECYCLE." Only then may it be thrown in the trash. For more information on sharps disposal, visit this website.