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 Sorting your recyclables beforehand will save time and stress at the transfer station. Sort all eight categories, or just a few - anything helps!

Want to keep it simple?

Sort at home into two categories: (1) Cardboard, paper and glass; (2) Plastic and metal containers. This still speeds up sorting at the transfer station a lot.

Brown paper/boxes

 ✓  Cardboard, cereal/snack boxes, brown paper

brown paper and cardboard

PREPARE: empty & flatten (break down)

✗  No stuck-on food, milk/juice cartons, coffee cups, white or wax coated boxes

White & other paper

 ✓  Newspaper, magazines, mail, office & shredded paper

Mixed paper

PREPARE: keep loose, clean & dry

✗  No plastic bags/sleeves, coated paper items (cups, cartons, plates), hard-backed books

Glass containers

 ✓  Glass bottles and jars


PREPARE: empty, rinse, discard cap

✗  No window/mirror glass, glassware, food or drink

Tin / Aluminum

 ✓  Food and drink cans, aluminum foil


PREPARE: rinse clean

✗  No aerosol cans, scrap metal

Plastics- 4 Categories

Check the bottom of the container for the number code.

,,, & , , plastics go in trash now

PREPARE ALL PLASTIC CONTAINERS: empty, rinse clean and replace lid

✗  No plastic bags (see plastic bag recycling) or stuck on food or drink- scrape PB jars

 PETE Containers

 ✓  Water, juice, soda, sports drink bottles & jugs; clear food containers

✗  No black plastic or plastic bags

HDPE - Colored

 ✓  Laundry detergent, white drink & cleaning jugs

#2 opaque plastic

✗  No motor oil or antifreeze containers, clothing hangers

HDPE - Natural

 ✓  Milk, cider, water bottles & jugs (can see drink inside)

✗  No colored or other plastics

PP Containers

 ✓  Dairy tubs, clear tupperware, food containers & clear cups


✗  No pill bottles <2", foam trays/packaging, "Solo" cups, plastic bags, clothing hangers 

Questions? Call the Recycling Hotline: (802) 773-4083 x204

Mon - Fri, 7 AM - 4:30 PM

Revised 5-6-20