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The Rutland County Solid Waste District, Solid Waste Alliance Communities and 350 Rutland County are pleased to announce the roll out of the Community Food Scrap Share Program. This spring, over 285 people participated in our Composting 101 Workshops.  As an offshoot of this educational project, we have created a community share platform after identifying the need for further opportunities for communities to divert food scraps from the trash. 

Are you unsure how to divert your food scraps from the trash? Anyone that wishes to donate food scraps to be handled elsewhere can register with contact information and town name, giving a food scrap receiver the opportunity to make contact.  

Community Food Scrap Share form

Food scrap receivers (home composters or farmers with animals) can register with contact information and town name, giving a food scrap donor the opportunity to make contact. They can also request, accept and use additional food scraps from neighbors, develop their own systems for drop off, and potentially share in surplus amounts of finished compost in the future.  

This project is a win/win on many levels.  It builds community, keeps food scraps out of the landfill, and diminishes the amount of scraps that the transfer stations need to have hauled to an industrial compost facility.  And it ensures the creation of additional soil and food that will increase our local food security.