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Are you concerned about your material footprint going up with all the single use protective gear? Running out of toilet paper? Check out our tips for conserving those and other items:

-Masks: Many people are making reusable masks to reduce the need to purchase single-use masks so they may benefit healthcare and other essential workers. Ask around or post on Front Porch Forum to see which neighbors may have some!

-Gloves: Just as well, saving single-use gloves for essential workers will benefit everyone. The CDC recommends best practices while running essential errands including frequent hand washing and sanitizing, touchless payment and avoiding frequently touched surfaces or touching your eyes, nose or mouth. Disposable gloves are not mentioned. If using reusable gloves, make sure to wash hands before applying and after removing them.

-Shopping bags: Keep reusable bags in your car and put groceries in your shopping cart loose at checkout. Bring them out to your car and bag items there!

-Toilet paper: Do NOT flush anything except feces, urine and toilet paper. This causes backups and clogs in septic systems as well as municipal wastewater treatment. If you have to get creative to wipe, dispose of other materials in trash bags. Otherwise, here’s an article on toilet paper alternatives.

Wondering about other materials?