Fill the Land with Value, Not Waste

"You have one life and, like a tree, you can create abundance, a profusion. You are a known positive. No need to think of yourself as misplaced in the natural world, or that you cause destruction with your presence. Accept that deep in your heart and mind. Then go forward. Be successful. We hope to enjoy all that you share. And tell your children that things are looking up." -- William McDonough and Michael Braungart; The Upcycle


While there is an unprecedented amount of material going into landfills today, there are many opportunities to put items to beneficial use. Browse our website for some ideas to do so; this blog will inform you of the magnitude and character of bulk disposal in Vermont and the United States.

Landfilling in Vermont

In 2018, there were 422,258 tons of municipal solid waste (MSW) disposed of in Vermont. This doesn't include construction and demolition (C&D) disposal, and 70% of MSW and C&D in Vermont go to the state's only landfill in Coventry. Casella Waste Systems owns and operates the 78-acre landfill which is undergoing a proposal to expand 51 acres which would extend it's capacity for 22 years, depending on the amount of waste generated and accepted. Some materials in Vermont also end up in a New Hampshire landfill.

Landfilling in the U.S.

The following is taken directly from the Save On Energy web page on landfills:

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