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Happy New Year! If you’ve already done your taxes, then good for you. That’s impressive. If not, then consider donating some of your tax refund to Green Up Vermont! Line 29 of your Vermont State tax return has space for you to write a donation amount of your choice. Anything helps!

Every year, the first Saturday in May, Vermonters in nearly every town will meet up to collect litter that is exposed after the snow melts. Plastic trash gets into our water, food (other animals eat the bits on accident), and scenery, reducing our quality of life in the Green Mountain State and Blue Planet.

You can help prevent this by facilitating a group to collect litter on Green Up Day, and/or by donating to Green Up Vermont! Your donation can help cover the expense of purchasing and shipping the green bags that we collect litter in, or the coordination of all the groups and towns that take on the challenge to make our roadways and riversides spotless.