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Are you certain that you recycle right? Disposing of resources in the best manner can require a little time to know how to do it right. Even so, it’s as easy as a call to the Solid Waste District, and can save you and your town money! Call (802) 775-7209 with any disposal questions.

Adhering to the following guides will prevent your transfer stations and towns from experiencing additional costs through rejected loads and/or regulatory fines.

  1. The first guide is on what is/isn’t accepted in mixed recycling regardless of the hauler that picks up the load. Putting the wrong materials in the dumpster/compactor can cause recycling costs to be higher, and can harm the workers that sort these items. Casella Recycling operates the recycling facility in Rutland, and shares the most up to date information with us.
  2. The Waste Not Guide details what is banned from the landfill in Vermont, and alternative options for disposal of these items. The Dept. of Environmental Conservation does check transfer stations randomly to ensure that these items are disposed of properly.