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Gleason Transfer Station Permit 

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Consistent with responses from a survey and a desire to increase access, fairness, convenience, and accountability a new annual permit process will start January 1, 2021.

This process will help ensure a fair, unified level of service with improved outreach services to our members.

The PERMIT allows you to access for residential, commercial, and registered hauler services at the Gleason Transfer Station for Recycling, MSW, HHW, Food Waste, C&D, Leaf & Yard, Tires, etc. Residential (non-sharable) permits apply to specific individual use within a household. 

Permits are to be renewed annually for the calendar year.  Credit cards and checks will be accepted. If you do not have access to the internet, please call or visit the administration offices at 1 Smith Rd, Rutland VT, 05701 - (802) 775-7209 from 7:00am to 4:00pm for information on obtaining your annual permit. 

To assist you in this process please have your debit/credit card/blank check and Vehicle Registration of the vehicle you will be using to visit our Transfer Station handy when doing your application. 

After you purchase your permit, you will receive an email of your payment receipt with a link to your annual permit. Print it & bring it with you each time you go to the transfer station. You will be asked to show it each time! 

Four in-district towns offer their own annual Permit fee for their respective transfer stations. (Killington, Castleton, Poultney, Pittsford). RCSWD will accept residential use permits as reciprocity towards obtaining the needed Gleason Transfer Station permit form member town residents wishing to use our facilities. To obtain this please visit our administrative office (1 Smith Rd, Rutland VT) and show that they have a current town transfer station permit in good standing.

Conditions: One permit allowed per household; Residency is determined by the customer’s physical address; A permit must be presented every time it is used at the transfer station; Payment shall be paid in full when transacting at transfer station (exception: account customers); Permits are nontransferable and nonrefundable; RCSWD reserves the right to revoke any customers transfer station privileges due to misconduct or dishonesty.

By execution of this online Transfer Station Permit Application, I hereby swear and affirm that I am a legal resident of the municipality listed above. I fully understand that all permits are the sole property of the Rutland County Solid Waste District. By signing below, I acknowledge that said permit(s) are for the sole use of the above resident and household and not intended for resale nor transferable.  Any violation(s) of the above conditions may result in termination of transfer station privileges