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Administrative, negotiations, reporting, monitoring, enforcement and awareness/information dissemination associated with achieving the solid waste goals that communities would otherwise have to undertake individually.

● Quarterly Reports
● Transfer Station Certifications and Compliance Inspections 
● Operation of the Regional Transfer Station- any district-town residents gets in-district permit rate
● Household Hazardous Waste Management (year round program)
● Program-based data collection (e-waste, textiles, books, etc)
● Attendance and participation in solid waste meetings, forums, workshops, and initiatives
● Hauler licensing and compliance enforcement

Program development and implementation of initiatives set out in the District solid waste implementation plan that meets state goals which include:

● Pursuing grant funding
● Mobile Hazardous Waste Collections at Town Transfer Stations
● Waste diversion programs, such as: Electronics, Textiles, Food Scraps and Leaf/Yard Organics, Asbestos management, Hardcover Books, Construction and Demolition Debris, Hazardous Wastes (Chemicals, Batteries, Mercury-containing bulbs and devices, Paint, Pesticides, etc.)
● Revenue sharing- Metal and recycling
● Beneficial reuse of- Tires Asphalt, Brick, Concrete, Clean Sheetrock

The following programs are available to in-district residents, municipalities, and organizations upon request:

● Technical Assistance regarding Waste Diversion and Management- for Schools, Businesses, Community Groups and Events
● Presentations and Meeting Facilitation
● Tabling with information at events
● Educational Promotions- Disposal A - Z List; Highlight organizations with outstanding programs on website and social media
● Tours of the Material Recovery Facility (Recycling Facility) and Programs at Regional Transfer Station
● Monthly Electronic newsletter